Why Use Therapy App?

Therapy app has everything you need to provide patients with the quality care they're used to. The most advanced mental health practice management software on the market!


Great For Therapists

Therapy App is the most advanced mental health practice management software on the market. We take all the guess work out of scheduling, insurance billing, notes, telemental health, marketing, data collection, and much more. We strive to improve client outcomes and access to therapy by providing therapists with a platform to meet clients where they feel most comfortable. Therapy App was designed to reduce time spent on office tasks for you and your staff. Spending less time on busywork allows you to spend more time where you want to—with your clients. Our software is specifically designed by a therapist with the therapist in mind. By using Therapy App, clients will be able to find you through a free downloadable app, making marketing easier than ever before. Built-in marketing software matches you with clients in your area of expertise. It's time to simplify your practice.

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Therapy App Features

Custom Dashboards

You choose the dashboard that suits your practice’s needs. Options allow you quick-view access to information you find most relevant.

Online Forms

Upload the forms you feel most comfortable using in your practice for a seamless transition. Create a library of resources that benefits your colleagues.

Reporting Features

Quick access to practice and individual statistics help inform practice decisions. We provide you with all of the relevant information for your practice to improve accuracy of data collection. Client outcome data comes standard, saving you countless hours and improving outcomes for your clients.

Client Matching

Increase your caseload by matching with clients within your area of expertise and location. Using our analytics based system, clients will find you based on your area of expertise, location, and insurance credentials.

Video Sessions

Teletherapy reduces no-shows and improves access for your clients. Whether you work from a home office or a brick and mortar practice, your clients will always have access to you for appointments.


Fully HIPAA compliant and secure system. Maintain a digital version of your client’s chart. Keep real-time records that are instantly available. Our EMR/EHR system streamlines your workflow and ensures accuracy and clarity of your clients’ records.

Internal Messaging

Instant messaging allows you to connect in real-time with clients, colleagues, and other medical professionals to ensure the best outcomes for your clients.

Real-Time Scheduling

Scheduling your clients has never been easier. Set your own schedule, and if you choose, allow clients to schedule their own appointments.

Outcome Measures

Track your clients’ progress without the need for paper and pencil. Our software will assist you in data collection and analysis. Therapy App makes it easy to keep data on your practice, so you can spend your time seeing clients.


Telehealth & Teletherapy

For patients & Therapists

Book a demo to see how easy Therapy App is for both patients and therapists. We'll give you a FREE 30 day trial to use our EHR, EMR, Appointment Scheduling & Teletherapy applications. All the tools to grow your practice with ease in an all-encompassing app: Therapy App.

Why It's Great for Patients

FREE App for Clients

Clients and potential clients can download our free app in the App Store and Google Play Store. Access to therapy has never been more readily available.

Integrated Health Model

Smart communication between providers allows you to collaborate and consult with other professionals to improve outcomes for your clients.

We're Secure

Our software is a HIPAA compliant, encrypted, and secure system. We require that any therapist using our software is a licensed professional. Your information will never be sold or shared with anyone else.

Insurance Billing

You’ll know the moment insurance companies reimburse sessions. Whether or not you accept insurance, our software makes payments easy. Enter cash, check, and credit card payments in seconds.

API Capability

Customized software for large organizations and hospital settings is also available. Call with inquiries.

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