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Use our free mobile app or computer to schedule with a licensed therapist in your area anywhere in the United States. Choose the therapist who works best for you. We’ll show you a list of available providers and their experience before starting your visit.

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Match and choose from a list on therapists based on your desired areas of improvement and method of payment



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Great review of the client's experience connecting to telesessions.


At Therapy App, our vision is for therapists to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to clients of all ages. Therapy allows you to build a meaningful and goal-oriented relationship with your therapist. Therapists who use Therapy App serve clients with a wide range of concerns. We are here to help you find the therapist that best meets your needs. Therapy services are offered through in-person visits and/or safe and secure video conferencing services with therapists using the Therapy App software. Our goal is to help you improve relationships with others and navigate life’s stress to improve your life satisfaction. Therapy is a collaborative process that allows you to establish goals and develop realistic ways to achieve your goals. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere where you feel safe to explore your concerns and are encouraged to build upon your strengths with your therapist.

Real Therapy For All Devices

Therapy in the location that you find most comfortable. Whether you prefer to be at home or any other private area, Therapy App providers are licensed therapists that will ensure your confidentiality and provide you meaningful services. At Therapy App, therapists provide professional therapy services through in-person and/or high-quality, real-time video sessions over any type of device, including desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Why is Therapy App Right For me?


It's professional.

All therapists are licensed, accredited professionals. Therapy App allows you to connect with them in-person and/or in a safe and private online environment.


It's affordable.

Therapy App uses insurance coverage and private pay options to keep therapy affordable.


It's convenient.

Do it at your own time and at your own pace. Communicate with your therapist as often as you want and whenever you feel it's needed.



Simple and Secure

Therapy App is a fully HIPAA compliant and secure service designed specifically for you to access therapy in an environment where you feel most comfortable.