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Teletherapy Presentation Tennessee Psychological Association

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the Tennessee Psychological Association. We recently provided a training to their association members on teletherapy best practices. Our Co-Founders, Jeff Chicoski and Trevor McLeod have been involved with teletherapy for several years, both from the practice and technology standpoint. Please feel free to…
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Medicare is now covered for telehealth sessions!

Medicare is now covered for telehealth sessions! Contact us for a free trial to help lessen the cancellations and fill the care gap. 269.443.0099. Information for Therapists See the official bill here
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Practice of the Practice interview

We are so fortunate to talk to so many folks that share our vision. Thank you Practice of the Practice for all of your support in helping spread the word to reach more people. See our podcast here!
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Therapy App’s here to help practitioners during COVID-19

Therapist friends, reach out for 30 days free for unlimited video sessions to help lessen the effects of the in person cancellations.
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